Monday, October 19, 2015

The Melbourne Chronicles v.2.0 - Lets try this again!

So the last post was in January of this year--- soooooooo...we are going with President Uchtdorf's counsel...start where you are:) Update, Amron is involved in mission leadership this was Amron's email of the week:

"So first of all Happy 21st Birthday to Mom this past Saturday......and Happy 15th Birthday to Anisee tomorrow! :) I hope that ya'll had and will have great birthdays! (I sent you something Anisee but Aussie Post shipped it to the 'return address' on accident so I had to resend it.)

After 3 transfers (4 and half months) in Doncaster and 6 transfers (9 months) in Maroondah Zone including Croydon , I will be transferred. The days of the Diamond Dogs have passed.

I feel like a lot has happened this week! Especially the crazy weather patterns. It was blazing hot at the first half of the week and jacket cold the second half.

This last Monday we didn't do too much just really chilled out and relaxed. Got some laundry done and cleaned. The usual! AND we received a member referral...that's right! A member referral in Australia! We received it via a call from the office. Her name is Yvette! So we set up an appointment for Tuesday night!

It was hot today. GQ'ing in the sun all day gave us quite the tan in the face. At night when we returned to the flat, I felt as if I had talked to a burning bush like Moses in "The Ten Commandments". Remember that movie? And how Moses has that shell-shocked looked on his face and he's aged when he came off the mountain? Yeah, that's how I felt. lol

But yes we met with Yvette! We just had a HTBT lesson, which is pretty much setting expectations for her as she meets with missionaries. And she is keen as. She really wants to be baptized and make a big change her life. She is getting baptized on October 31st. I believe she has also added Mom on Facebook? So Mom, please encourage her to follow through with baptism!:) Too bad I won't be in the area to see it happen.

It was just a day of GQ'ing at Box Hill!:) At the night we went over to the Vierra's for a feed. They are an Indian family. Very nice people! After that we did part member visits with President Williams, the 2nd Counselor of Maroondah Stake. It was a success as we went to visit his bro in our area. So we will start working with them.

We went to Michael Jee's this week. It was our last lesson with him before he went back to New Zealand! Adrian, Michael Jee's son, took us all out to a Malaysian restaurant called Papa Rich. It was quite good, first time I've ever had Malaysian food. Man it was a bummer to see him leave. He said to visit him in New Zealand after my mission, looks like I'll be taking ya'll to see him after my mission! :) We also visited Yvette again. We taught her the Restoration this time around. She full on accepted it all! So we commited her to pray about the truth of the Book of Mormon and also ask God if Joseph Smith was a prophet.

Had our weekly meeting with the district leaders. DLC. The rest of the day just involved a lot of finding (door knocking and GQ'ing at Box Hill)

We taught English Class in the morning. Then we taught Michael Scott at Manningham Library as usual. Then we went to go pick up Jordan Skadins for fellowship to Yvette's again. This time around she told us she prayed and asked God about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith and she said that God said it was true. "Wow! That's awesome!" we said. And so we also read the title page, introduction, the testimonies, and the first chapter of 1st Nephi with her to start her off in reading the Book of Mormon. Man we we're reading for ages! lol, I thought she was gonna be bored but nah! She wanted to keep reading. She always says that she feels the Spirit as we come over. That is a great sign! She's awesome!

Unfortunately Ranee could not be baptized! Her sister-in-law with  held from being baptized. Like she literally flew form Malaysia to stop her from being baptized Christian. (As she used to be Hindu) . It was very unfortunate! Poor Ranee.

We had church as usual. 9:30AM-12:35PM. It was weird knowing that I would leave, but I didn't tell anybody. I don't know how to goodbye so I just avoided it. After church we went to teach a new man for the first time. Oliver had been taught by Elders previously a year ago. Really Oliver just needed to know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Chirst loved and still love Him. It totally opened his heart and mind. After bearing testimony of God's love to him there was a long pause........"I forgot how intense you guys were." He says. I had to hold back the laughs when he said this all serious and what not. I just wanted to be like "OH YOU KNOW HOW WE DO IT WITH SPIRIT UP IN HERR MANG!" :)  After that I went to TIna's to say goodbye! She fed us as usual lol, the Vietnamese cuisine was going ham man. Then I went to say goodbye to Michael Scott at his new house in McCloud and give him a blessing for his back pain. Boy it was far! Turns out he moved into a totally different stake! hahaha...whoops!

Anyways! I hope you enjoyed todays email! It took me a while to write! I love you all. Please pray that I will be given the strength and courage to lay down the law in my next area. I have a feeling trouble lies ahead. And I have a good idea of what it is. But nonetheless "Be of good cheer for [He] has overcome the world""

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